Everything You Need To Know About ‘Android P’

    Hey, your so well performing Android phone is now obsolete. Because Google has just released its recent version of the mobile operating system and it’s called Android P. Yep, you read that right. With super cool new features and functionalities, this new mobile operating system is already increasing the users’ excitement levels. Of course, this is just a sort of preview of the new mobile operating system and we will definitely see more exciting features added to it in the future.

    Also the fact that the number of Android users are more, Android app development has always been in the trending list for companies across the globe.

    And here is everything that you should know about Android P and that includes how to get it on your existing Android phone.

    1. Enhanced Notifications:

    Notifications are highly important to every smartphone user. Specifically, Google wants to improve the user experience at this point. This means that users will be able to perform more without even opening the full application. Now for notifications, this new operating system will suggest some smart replies, let you attach images and stickers, and type your own replies. This is all possible because of the Google’s new “Messaging style” notification.

    2. Navigation is Now Stepping into the Indoors:

    No matter what city or country we live in, Google Maps is one of the most loved and used navigation applications so far and now in Android P, it is even far better. Wondering how? Well, so far this navigation map has been working only outside the doors such as route to restaurants, malls, etc. But now it is about to change. This new feature in Android P includes additional support for “Wi-Fi round trip time” that leads to more particular positioning via Wi-Fi. In fact, this indoor positioning in public places like shopping malls is about to get more detail.

    3. Battery life:

    Just like we anticipated, Google has been working to make the new version, Android P, a little more power efficient. So that the organization has been claiming that their refining systems like Doze. Of course, we certainly need to wait to witness what exactly goes refinements provide their users. However, it can be definitely said that Android P will offer a better battery life.

    4. Improved security:

    Another thing we anticipated is that the Google would surely work on enhancing the overall safety and security of the new operating system, Android P, and there are multiple ways in which the organization is implementing this. For beginners, the fingerprint authentication user interface has been becoming consistent so that the users can easily know if the operating system itself is requesting the user’s fingerprint or is it something else. Above all, for some time now, Google is telling app developers to shift to TLS(Transport Layer Security) encryption and will avoid visitors from visiting unencrypted http servers.

    5. Better privacy:

    Google’s earlier operating systems are not exactly known for providing better security but the organization is certainly working on improving it in the latest operating system, Android P. Now this operating system will limit the access to the user’s phone’s camera, microphone, and the other sensors. Whenever the application itself is idle then it won’t be able to access those features, making sure they cannot just creep on users without their permission.

    Other changes:

    Other than the above-mentioned, there are other important changes that we will see in Android P such as HDR VP9 video, enhanced JobScheduler, etc. that must help all applications in general work in a little more effective way.

    Hear say new features of Android P:

    Of course, we wouldn’t be allowed to see everything that in the new operating system, Android P, through the first developer preview. However, the below are some of the hearsay new features of Android P that the Google didn’t make an official announcement as a part of the first Android P developer preview.

    Warning sound for your call

    This is another effective privacy addition that gives a warning sound whenever the user’s phone call is being recorded. The new operating system’s improvement is there for carriers to activate and a short music will be played every 15 seconds via a call that is being recorded. However, this amazing feature has to be supported by the network and the point that is not still clear so far is that whether it will apply to the customer service calls which will be recorded for training reasons or the third party recording apps alone.

    Google assistant

    So far, Google Assistant has been one of the essential parts of Android operating system  However, Google has made it pretty clear that the assistant and the voice control are just at the inception stage. Google might make assistant a bit more significant in the new operating system, according to a report.

    In addition, developers might also squeeze assistants voice technology inside their applications. Nevertheless, it is still not apparent that whether Google chooses particular partners to use assistant’s talents or they will be broadly spread. The report also mentions that both of these features are still in developing stage and not yet finalized and Google may or may not include them in the final version of the operating system.

    What will be the name of Android P?

    Of course, we all know that Google is fond of deserts. We have seen Marshmallow, KitKat, and now it is time for Oreo. Now, what does letter P stand for? Well, currently is being called as pistachio ice cream internally and of course, it may not be its final name.

    Who can have Android P?

    Well, first it would be limited to Google pixel and pixel 2 smartphones. But if you don’t have a pixel and still badly want to try Android P then you may have to wait for sometime. A third party developer has developed an unofficial launcher for the new operating system that users can utilize to make their smartphones look like they have the recent and updated operating system but not its features and functionalities. Users can download the look-alike Android P from here.

    When Can We Expect Android P?

    Usually, Google announces their next version of Android during there Google I/O Developer Conference. And we are hopeful that on May 8th, we get to hear more about the new operating system, Android P, on Google IO 2018 schedule. Once the software is out for your smartphone then it will be a whole different story.

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