10 Best Services Used to Create Android Apps without Coding

    Android is one of the most welcome mobile platforms in the world of mobile apps. This is because Android provides free, open source operating environment where it is possible for developers to easily build apps with customized features. Earlier, Android app development was the business of only most learned programmer. However, with the rise of hybrid application development, non-mobile developers felt powerful enough to create Android apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    So if you have no considerable prior experience in programming or creating Android apps, this post will take you through best available resources online that help create Android apps without coding. Here is the list of top 10 best online services that make it possible for inexperienced developers to create Android apps without much complex coding:

    1. Appy Pie

    Appy Pie is one of the best & easy-to-use online app creation tool, that makes creating mobile apps simple, fast and a unique experience. This app maker supports both iOS and Android app development, and it is quite a popular choice for numerous Android developers in the world. It offers free plans for people who are beginners in the mobile app domain. However, to take advantage of rich features and build high-quality native iOS and Android apps, one needs to move up its tier and pay higher fees.

    The reason why Appy Pie is one of the most preferable options for mobile app is that it contains unique features and competitive analytical capabilities. Apart from this, you can add push notifications, in-app purchases, connect databases or just simply integrate other important feature for your business app.

    2. Buzztouch

    Buzztouch is another great option when it comes to designing an interactive Android app. This online tool is a comprehensive online tool that supports making apps for both iOS and Android. The comfort it provides to developers during the Android app development is unparalleled, and therefore Buzztouch could be a reliable solution for many Android app developers.

    Buzztouch also enables you to use pre-written plugins or customize them to shape new features without any limits. On its website, you will be presented with a complete guide on how the whole software works. Developers can learn a great deal from its how to videos and other edifying tutorials. You can create limited number of app with Buzztouch on its server for free. For higher facilities and apps, you need to opt for its premium plan.

    3. Mobile Roadie

    Mobile Roadie has achieved tremendous success in the domain of mobile app development to date. It has many big names in its list of clients including Disney, and Universal. It provides to its users variety of design options, impressive templates along with amazing space for customizing them all. Its plan varies from Core to Pro where Pro offers premium services and excellent Android app development experience.

    Mobile Roadie appeals greatly to Artistic spirits and musicians as it has community features like chats and fan wall. Its advanced features, geo-targeting content, elegant templates and design capabilities make Mobile Roadie the most desirable app development tool. However, its wide feature range for high-scale businesses may also mean some developers will require some time before they get used to this app builder. Small businesses hesitate to choose this mobile app builder because of its heavy pricing.

    4. AppMakr

    This is another mobile app builder online that enables developing an Android app without coding knowledge. You can create free Android, iOS and Windows apps using easy modules of AppMakr. You can simply land on the website, enter your desired app name and follow the steps. Its free plan comes with certain limitations, one of which is showing relevant ads. Hiring premium plan facilitates creating more professional, smart and intuitive apps.

    AppMakr enjoys its unmatched reputation of being used frequently for creating mobile apps. Not only does it offer swift Android app development, but its pricing per month is also quite affordable. You can tweak its designs as you wish. If you are comfortable with its humble interface design and don’t expect much attractive details, AppMakr could be your appropriate Android app making companion.

    5. Andromo App Maker

    Andromo helps create astonishing Android apps with simplicity and ease. It allows you to build the very first app for free, for which you are required to sign up with Andromo. It offers flexible plans including monthly and yearly basis, with a premium professional plan giving more benefits and rich features. Professional plan also exempts you from seeing Andromo logo in your app.

    Reputed to be smarter, faster and better app builder, Andromo enables real Java code. Without any compromises, you can make a fully fledged, stand-alone native Android app even when you write the code from scratch. Andromo saves a lot of time and money and accelerates the app making process in real time. With stunning capabilities and developer-friendly environment, Andromo is a great online resort for creating mobile apps that interact effectively with heavy mass of users. 

    6. App Machine

    This fun filled app maker till date, has created more than 200, 000 apps. With a series of articles and tutorials, this app maker tool is easy to understand for both starters and professional developers. The navigation of app development using this tool is smooth and the experience is moreover intuitive and fun. It has a few block features for the ‘Pro’ users such as Java integration and excel and also has the feature to check analytics during the trial period.

    7. AppYourself

    To expand your marketing challenges for the future, its important to have an Android program. To make this job easy, AppYourself tool can guide you all way to create custom app nearly for all Android platforms quickly and inexpensively. While using this tool, its not necessary that you be a trained Android developer as you are provided with a detailed guide to create each step of your Android app. The whole tool revolves around 3 main steps- Choosing the necessary design, adding the necessary content and finally it the publishing part.

    8. Jmango

    With impressive themes, this app builder is the winner of Magento’s Best Innovation Award and is one of the best e-commerce app builder for Android today. Within the tool, the store is built in platforms like Prestashop, Magento or Lightspeed. All the content required along with images are taken from the store and then converted to an app. After this, you can customize the looks and functionalities before launching the app to Google Playstore.

    9. BuildFire

    This multi-purpose app lets you build apps without coding for all kind of businesses and in-house apps. It is mainly useful for restaurants & hotel businesses and educational organizations. With a large collection of templates, this tool lets you customize template theme according to your business plan.

    10. MIT App Inventor

    This visual programming tool helps everyone including children to create intuitive, fully-functional Android apps for smartphones and tablets without learning the basics of coding. The tool is block-based and lets you develop high impact, complex in a lesser time than using the traditional development methods.

    The most attractive feature of MIT App Inventor is that you can connect your mobile phone at the same time you are developing it and see the working and effect of the codes and design at real-time.


    The list above is a comprehensive collection of handy mobile app builders to ensure smart and easy Android app development for people who are no expert in coding. The above top 5 mobile app development services online can help you create excellent apps even if you are not so good in programming or lack detailed knowledge of how to code.. There are many more popular online software that confide the promise of building a high-quality, professional and business apps. Hopefully, this well-researched list of mobile app development resources will help you take a firm decision through smart comparison and thorough insight.

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